Spotlight Group

Spotlight Stock Market is a part of Spotlight Group AB. Within the Group there are other companies such as Sedermera Corporate Finance, Nordic Issuing and Markets & Coprporate Law. More information about the Group companies are available on their corresponding websites.

The Group companies may work with companies listed on Spotlight Stock Market or is about to become listed. This work may include issuing advise, financial and or legal counseling.

The fact that Spotlight Stock Market has common customers with companies within the same group could pose a risk that Spotlight Stock Market, in its supervision of the listed companies and its review of companies that have applied for listing, treats such customer companies in a less stringent manner than other companies. If this occurs, it could damage the trust in Spotlight Stock Market and indirectly also the trust in the listed companies. However, Spotlight Stock Market is very careful to - and is also legally obliged to - treat all customers neutrally and therefore has internal rules and procedures that prevent positive discrimination of individual customers.